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OK, Chicken…

Human beings are screwy as tapeworms sometimes.  Every day I read news articles that show how obsessed–and self-obsessed–people often are.  AlterNet, for example, runs lots of articles about vegetarianism and Vegan diets, always telling how awful eating “animal flesh” is.  They always say “animal flesh” as they try to make eating meat sound disgusting.  Doesn’t work for me.  Call it asparagus, however, and I’ll never get close enough to smell the stuff, much less eat it.

In todays world there’s no such thing as moderation.  Either something is totally bad or totally good.  Doesn’t matter what.  People these days live that way, they either focus their whole life on one thing or reject it.  The middle ground has risen up as a mountain.  People slide one way or the other.  It’s actually a struggle staying in the middle.  Weird.

We eat meat.  I like chicken, fish, seafood.  We’re not obsessed with it.  We avoid beef though we chow down on burgers sometimes.  I use turkey in place of cow for “Hamburger Helpers.”  We eat eggs.  We do just fine.  Human beings have been subsisting on ordinary diets ever since there were humans.  Some of the oldest people in the world subsisted on a diet of meat.  Some others –many, many others, in fact–die from a diet of whole grains, usually rice or wheat.

I don’t care if vegans want to vegan their way in life.  Fine with me.  But just don’t go looking down your nose because I buy chicken.  And don’t blame me because animals are raised in “factory farms.”  Blame corporations.  YOU are just as much the reason animals are raised in poor conditions (if such  things really matter) as I am.  You are more to blame.  Why?  Because your irrational and self-righteous extremism shoves the very people you need for support away: voters!

So anyway, just a little rant.  I am annoyed by all those articles trying to make me feel guilty for fixing my kids chicken for dinner or for going fishing.

Oh, one last thing while I’m thinking about it.  Tell me what is more cruel, catch and release or catch and eat?  With catch and eat the fish is caught, killed and eaten.  It provides food for our table and serves its place in the great circle of life.  Catch and release is a sportsman’s way of torturing fish.  Catch the big-mouth, toss it back, catch it again, toss it back, catch it again…. each time hooking it with sharp barbs.  I see no difference at all between catch and release fishing and those horrid “animal factories” Vegetarian/Vegan fanatics rave about.

No, this makes no sense this morning.  Is it suppose to?

So I’m off this damned computer for now.  I’m getting to the point I don’t even care to look at it.  I’m off to get the house cleaning finished and then go build something in my shop.


July 29, 2008 - Posted by | Blather

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