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I have lavatory!

Greetings and felicitations to all who will never read this blog to nobody.

I quietly talk to myself in this little corner of cyberspace as I have for more than a decade now, long before blog formats were invented.  Political, religious, quirky, personal… my websites have run the gamut.  Today I have several online and, in fact, one or two I’ve probably forgotten all about.  I have a website for my book that nobody reads and for my thoughts that nobody considers, and now a blog for my ramblings that nobody cares about.  Whatever.  The important thing is that NOW I have a lavatory!

Our bathroom project is almost finished.  We put down the flooring and finished the painting (almost) and hung my wife’s dresser mirror and got her makeup table moved.  The house is still a cluttered mess with boxes everywhere but the kids and I will begin to tackle that stuff today.

Of all the things I missed, I missed the lavatory the most.  Several times I started to install the new one temporarily but had a hell of a time getting the right fittings–the result of a combination of not paying attention to the fitting sizes and re-using the crappy mobile-home fixture (which we sill soon replace).  But after the floor went down I made a herculean effort (not really but it sounds good) and, with the correct fittings and patience of Job, got the damn thing installed.  Perfect.  No leaks!

Except, there was.  The drain fitting leaked.  A couple hours later I figured that out when there was water on the floor after running water.  Brilliant, huh?  Anyway, I am a better plumber than I sound but I HATE plumbing.  I took the old lavatory fitting and made it work.  NOW I have a lavatory.  I can wash my hands after a visit to the water closet (my term for our totally enclosed toilet) and I can brush my teeth without having to do it at the kitchen sink.  So, maybe I’m the only person who will ever hear these words but I am pleased none-the-less because I have a lavatory!

So, soon there’ll come a time when the pace around here won’t be quite so hectic.  Once the rooms are all cleared and things in their place I’ll sit down and start writing to nobody in earnest again.  Hey me, big thrill, eh?

No excitement on the Cowtippers group.  Not finished with The Shack (ugh!), no great thoughts on religion or politics.  Not today.  “…Maybe not tomorrow but soon, and for the rest of your life….” (where is that quote from?)

Of course since we’ve ordered a bunch more TV channels, HD, and a DVR I might never return after the installer gets here on Aug. 5.  Or I might just croak.  Who knows?

If Ted disappears from the internet like a tree falling in the forest with nobody listening…. does it make a sound?

Nah, probably not.

July 28, 2008 - Posted by | Blather

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