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Hard to get here lately. Went to the lake with my boy over the weekend. Had a little job yesterday. Today I started tearing out our bathroom to remodel it. Only have a few minutes before I crash for the evening.

The weekend at the lake was way past due. My wife left my boy and I at a little place called Ratcliff. If you’re ever in East Texas looking for a nice place to visit, this is it. I’ve been going there on and off since I was my boy’s age.

Back then there was more going on there. On weekends in the summer there were ranger programs, shows, things like that. People were wall to wall, too. These days it’s almost deserted even on really good Summer days. The camping area only has a few brave souls.

I love to camp. Don’t get to as often as I’d like. I have this camp box trailer that I’m pretty proud of. Pic at right. I built it a few months ago and modified it a couple weeks ago. Originally it was built onto the trailer but I separated the camp box part from the trailer. The whole thing lifts off the trailer so we can use the trailer.

Fishing isn’t very good at Ratcliff. We need a boat. Used to the lake was loaded with sun perch. Now I feel lucky if I catch anything. We caught some little perch. I snagged a bass with a worm. Weird. No catfish. Last trip a few months ago I got a catfish and a bass and a few perch. Love eating perch!

My boy got bored fishing and not catching so I rigged him up a teeny little pole and line and he went to catching minnows. He caught nine or ten of them. Pretty sharp! I put a pic of his fishing over there.

One pretty cool conversation we had was on Saturday morning. Our camp was across from the swimming area. We were down on the bank fishing. Somebody was terrorizing a little kid. Sounding like they were trying to get the kid to stay on a float and the kid was terrified. It kept screaming and screaming. I mumbled that I’d have to call CPS if they didn’t quit mistreating the kid.

My boy asked, “What is CPS?”

That’s a significant question since he is foster/adopt. CPS ran his life for a couple years after taking him away from his birth mom who was not caring for him at all, abusing and neglecting several kids including two of his sisters, all who are now my kids.

I explained that it was the agency that made sure kids weren’t harmed. He was quiet a second and then said he would like to do that.

What a kid! He’s sometimes grumpy, fussy, treats his sisters like a typical boy but he has a tender heart. He says some amazing prayers. And he wants to help people. Not bad for an eight-year-old.

I’m tough on him. Still, he hangs on me. He listens when I talk. I must be something right? When he said that I really felt like crying. My kids give me hope for the future of the world.

We had a good time. Sunday afternoon my wife and daughters showed up. We went over to the picnic area and I cooked up some burgers. Those were very good. Then we came home.

Monday I had a little job recording dates on coke products in Crockett. Took all day. This morning, like I said, I started pulling walls down in our master bathroom. Hoping to finish the thing in a week or so.

Be back later!


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