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Totally SCREWED up!

OK, can I barf now?

One of my morning haunts online is a site called “AlterNet.”  Often one can find interesting viewpoints and usually more truthful political news and information there than is found on mainstream news sites.  Sometimes, though, I find horrid examples of what is so wrong with this country.  Such is the case with today’s offerings.

WARNING: ADULT LANGUAGE AND SITUATIONS… can’t wait to read it now, huh?

This morning I discovered an article called “Sleeping Around Craigslist.”  It’s all about how two poor, sex-deprived middle-aged women managed to find a screw a night to fulfill their fantasies.  “It takes a woman about a thousand words and a condom to get laid on Craigslist.”* (see below post for reference)  This is the lead sentence.  It’s an up-beat article about the joys of playing around, Internet style.

The exploits of two middle-aged nymphomaniacs are not the kind of morning reading I prefer.  I made it through the first of SIX pages, far longer than most Alternet pieces, and could take no more.  Articles like these make me wish my family and I lived on a deserted island.  In all honesty, if enough money came my way we’d be on our way to the South Pacific in a heartbeat.  With this kind of horrendous abuse of human sexuality becoming the norm now, what kind of world will my children live in when they’re grown?

There is not a single iota of regret spoken by the women who wrote the article.  I clicked to the last page just to see if there ever was.  Here’s their conclusion:

“We are publishing under pseudonyms to protect our kids and our day jobs, not because we have shame. Truth is, we are grateful to be having the passionate sex we missed when we were younger. We thank the men and women we have met on our journeys.”*

Following that is a list of “safety tips.”  I suppose neither of them ever watch Law & Order SVU, or they think L & W is just a show.  Murder and rape never happen in the real world.  May as well stick your nookie out for any old guy to poke.  What can happen as long as one follows a few rules, right?

The two women were/are just stupid–and very lucky.  But having been caught up a few years ago in the personals for a couple years looking for friendship WITHOUT sex I know very well that it’s not friendship but sex that people seek online.  Hedonism rules.  I just want to scream!  I never found a friend, by the way.  Not one that wasn’t interested in sex.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is destroying our society more than the lascivious and selfish sexuality that has invaded our world.  Last night I was browsing the TV schedule, searching for something to watch.  Finding nothing interesting in the least I settled on a teeny-bopper show on ABC Family my wife and daughter might like and prepared to make my exit.  Before I escaped a scene came on that is so telling of our modern world.  Half a dozen young girls, non supposed to be over fifteen or sixteen, were grouped in a bedroom.  The subject was virginity.  They all claimed not to be, even the “church kid” who said she had her first orgasm at church camp.  ABC Family?  *SCREAMING NOW!*

Another article I read recently, one I found on Drudge, told how a stretch of beach up in the northeast has become a mecca for outdoor screwing.  Once the problem was nude sunbathing but now couples or groups, hetro and homo, are doing their thing on the beach or in the dunes.  The story said families were stumbling upon people doing the deed.  “Oh, what a beautiful beach, hey, hon, got the sunscreen? …look, kids, see the happy fuckers over there?”  Sheesh!

The hardest part of being a parent is explaining to children how something is totally wrong, unacceptable, and degrading when the whole cotton-pickin’ world is doing it.  These days anyone who says promiscuity, casual sex, anything related to sex outside of the bedroom of a married couple is wrong, bad, unacceptable is labeled a prude, a religious zealot, or their own sexuality is questioned.

On the Cowtippers site lately I was thought of as a zealot and some implied I’m just too uptight.  Poor, poor pitiful Ted, he just don’t KNOW!  Well, duh.  I sure as hell DO know.  I’m just not blinded by my lebido.  Neither am I one to think “everybody is doing it, it must be OK.”  Horse-hockey!  Whatever goes on in my bedroom between my wife and I is none of anybody’s business.  If God sanctions sexuality at all, that is the only place he did–between married couples.  Period.

Americans have been totally blinded by lust.  They’ve been sold a bill of goods; the operative word being SOLD.  Like I’ve said before and has been trumpeted in every advertising agency in America: Sex SELLS.  And Americans have been stupid and blind enough to buy everything that has come down the interstate.

I am one tiny, squeaky voice in a very, very big wilderness.  Nobody will listen because everybody is thinking with their genitals rather than their brain.  Of all the things that are promising to destroy our world nothing comes close to the complete absense of dignity, restraint, self-control, modesty and morality in our society.  There is nothing more harmful to a person’s psyche than to be used and abused as a sexual toy or to destroy one’s mind, body, spirit and soul by penetrating or allowing another person to penetrate their innermost being in promiscuous sex.

One cannot approach God or ever recognize the love of God in purity if one’s own life is not pure.  Promiscuity destroys purity of mind, body, and spirit.  Unbridled sexuality consumes one’s thoughts, drives passions, leads a person away from Truth, away from selflessness, away from that which is good.  It trashes humanity, degrades it, nullifies everything beautiful in God’s creation.  I don’t care if you don’t believe it or won’t accept it or not.  It’s true.  Get your head out of your neighbor’s pants and you’ll see that it is.

Consider this line: “Virtually everyone on Craigslist lies about something: their name, their age, their weight, their marital status, maybe even their penis or bra size.”  Promiscuous sex is only one of many moral standards people have thrown away.  Lying is another.  Lying to get what one wants is totally acceptable.  The authors of this article obviously think lying to get screwed is perfectly fine.  Moral standards are like dominoes.  Once the first one tips the rest fall pretty easy.  How many have you knocked over lately?

I could rant for a long time if I chose to.  This subject really, REALLY gets me upset.  It was bad enough when the only thing I had to fight was the ever-present temptations and having sexuality shoved in my own face.  Now I have three precious, blessed children to protect.  You might want your kids to screw the whole high-school but I don’t.  Recreational sex destroys emotions, break hearts, and often destroy bodies.

Alternet carried a couple articles poopoo’ing the right-wing solution to promiscuity and teen pregnancy: abstinence.  Of all the harebrained idiotic ideas the Right has come up with, this is one they are dead-on right about.  Better birth control and “sex education” is NOT going to change anything.  It’s only going to shove the value of the average human further down until the only thing a person is valued for is his or her ability to give a good fuck.  The Truth of God and the Dream of Martin Luther King will die a slow death smothered in a puddle of KY Jelly.

“Hearts can and will be broken when sleeping around Craigslist. And in love, just as in life, there are no guarantees,” the women conclude.  No kidding.  The first heart to be broken is God’s.  Another heart that is broken is mine, not from a selfish female rejecting my body but from the total loss of civility, kindness, morality, spirituality and sense of community that should be a part of our lives, and would be, if neighbors were not sizing each other up as sex partners rather than friends.

Yes, I exaggerate some.  But not about my broken heart or my belief that God’s heart is broken as well.  How I long for the kind of world Jesus’ Truth could bring.  I fear I’ll never, ever experience anything close to that while I’m here on this earth.  In fact, I really doubt society will ever turn back to the way it should be, to a day when modesty and morality were words that actually meant something.  How sad.  How very, very sad.

If you’ve made it this far you’re probably either angry at my attitude, offended by my frank use of slang words, or, maybe in agreement.  Maybe.  I doubt many readers will be.  Even fewer who read this will not see it as the ravings of a pent-up prude or an idiotic religious zealot who is being “totally unrealistic.”  I’m sorry you feel that way.  You have no idea how disappointed I am that you do.

Why am I disappointed?  Because nothing will change until you and I say NO and then taking the position that saying NO is not stupid, silly, “uninformed,” over-reacting, or “old-fashioned.”  In every situation, EVERY situation, sex outside of marriage is a set-up for heart-break for someone.  Maybe you have seared your conscience and can screw with abandon.  What of the person or persons who you pair up with?  Do  you care for them not at all?  Are they just your toy?  If you just use them for sex and move on then they ARE your toy, no matter what you say.  Start thinking about your partner, your toy, recognize you’re getting  your jollies with a human being, not a biological sex toy.

Sex is meant to be a beautiful, loving, giving act between a couple who love each other.  It’s not necessary nor is it required for a loving relationship, either.  Our bodies no more “need” sex than they need pecan pie or chocolate cake.  YOU don’t NEED it, no matter what your libido says.  STOP IT!

If someone had told me I’d actually be writing a rant like t his twenty years ago I would not believe them.  I never dreamed screwing would become the national past-time.  How long before Toys-R-Us starts selling “Erection Sets” that have nothing to do with building things?  How long before Barbie and Ken come packaged together complete with bedroom and tiny little condoms?  Maybe they already do.  God help us all!


*  “Sleeping Around Craigslist”

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  1. Sex is bad and it is best if we pretend it does not exist. It works for catholic priests.

    Comment by johnnypeepers | July 9, 2008

  2. I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not, sounds like it, but either way I can’t agree. Sex is not bad any more than chocolate cake is bad. It’s the abuse of sex that is bad. Sex is part of our humanity. Pretending it doesn’t exist won’t work, either. Unless we do something to physically eliminate our sex drive (like take drugs or have an operation, etc.) we’ll never eliminate it. What we have to do is recognize our drives, learn what is acceptable according to our faith, and exercise restraint.

    Comment by texasbohemian | July 9, 2008

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