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Big Woop.

We leave for a short vacation today.

I just can’t get myself all worked up.

There was a time I’d be saying, “let’s go, let’s GO!”  Today, it’s… “whatever.”  Guess you could say I’m just not very enthusiastic.

The kids are.  Sure, they love to go, as I …usually do?  …once did?

We’re headed down to  Houston for a few days.  No big plans.  No specific plans at all.  Just getting away from this little tin can for a few days.  It’ll be the last time for a long time, probably.  My wife has her eyes on the hotel pool.  I’m not much of a swimmer so that doesn’t send me.

We can afford the trip because we’re very talented at being frugal, skilled with, and my wife has been reserving a bit of space on her plastic for this occasion.  There are probably “better” things to spend money on but the kids need an escape.  We’ve been cooped up a long time.

I’m not a worrier over money.  We get by.  Money isn’t the issue.  In fact, don’t know if there is an “issue.”  For the past couple of years and especially since my shoulder problem flared up last year the whole world does not seem real to me.  I often feel like I’m this person in a box looking through my eyes as if viewing some kind of 3D movie.  I feel unconnected to the whole world beyond our front door and even this side of it.  I feel like I’m not really “here,” I’m just an observer.

It’s a weird world I observe, too.

Gotta run.

June 26, 2008 - Posted by | Blather


  1. Have fun!
    SCT will be quiet without you – um – I think you’ve been quiet a couple of days now – what’s up with that??

    Okay – and a tutorial on how to do this frugally – want to take the kids to do some museums in Houston and can’t afford a couple of days there. Any suggestions?

    Comment by jewlsntexas | June 27, 2008

  2. Have Notebook will travel! Wow, high-speed down here!

    I’ll pass on some info when I get a chance.


    Comment by texasbohemian | June 27, 2008

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