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Been fairly busy today working on my trailer.  Took some time to run to town, pick up a few things, visit my mom.  Now I’m pooped.

Mom is doing better.  My brother said she walked the hall today.  (Yeah, we talked a little.)  She’s supposed to go home in a few days.

Tomorrow we’re going to Houston for a few days.  Not sure what we’ll do.  We got a priceline, Marriott for under fifty bucks.  Not bad.

No big comments except that I wish I’d kept my mouth shut on that cowtippers.  I swear the obsession with sexuality just will not stop sticking up its ugly head.  I don’t care if people have fun and orgies all over the cotton pickin’ place as long as they don’t shove it in my face.  I wonder if there is anyone, anywhere (besides me) who is not entirely obsessed with screwing?  Arg.

OH well.  Gotta go.

June 25, 2008 - Posted by | Blather


  1. Unfair assessment my friend –
    And you are also buying into that fundamental ideology that sexuality is wrong – and I think there are just as many pitfalls to fall into there.
    Just my two cents.
    Not obsessed here – just think it is what it is.
    What has gotten twisted in the world does not mean that there isn’t a center of something designed by God at the core. It just always gets perverted.

    Comment by jewlsntexas | June 27, 2008

  2. Hi Julie.

    Not wrong, just something too many people obsess over. I’m just old fashioned (not fundamentalist) and think some things are best left behind closed doors. I’m really a lot older than I look. lol


    Comment by texasbohemian | June 27, 2008

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