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Silver Lining?

…or, “all things work together?”

A week ago last Friday we discovered our water heater had blown.  A week ago  yesterday we had to pull everything out of my closet and rip the carpet up.  A week ago this morning I put in a new $250 water heater, $250 we could ill afford.  We were not sure what we’d do about the rest of the messed-up bathroom.

Insurance adjuster came Thursday.  Estimate came Friday.  …or was it Wednesday and Thursday?  I forget.  Anyway, we’re going to get enough money to cover the water heater and get the bathroom fixed up.  It’s been needing a make-over for a long time.

Yesterday we spent a few hours getting ideas for the new bathroom we’re going to have.

Was the busted water heater a good thing?  In the end we’re coming out ahead.  We did not, of course, plan for the tank to spring a leak.  Neither did we ever think about insurance.  In fact, we use our insurance so little it was an afterthought to call.  I never expected them to pay what they are going to pay.  But the end result of a catastrophic failure of our water heater led to a new, larger water heater and the option to re-do our bath.  Even so, the answer is no, it was not a good thing.  It’s just the way the process is supposed to work.  Damage.  Insurance.  Repair.

At least we’ll soon have a new bath.  And guess what!?  Yesterday our vent-hood-built-in-microwave turned into old Sparky.  Add something else to the list.

Ain’t life fun.

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  1. they come in bunches

    Comment by Jack | September 10, 2008

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