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Murphy is a Jackass!

We’re talking Friday the THIRTEENTH spillover here!

Last evening the floor in our bathroom was wet. At first we thought my little daughter, often given to playing with water, had dumped some water on the carpet. I put down some towels. Went to bed around twelve, give or take. Around one I was up to tinkle. The floor was WETTER. Crap! Only one thing could cause that. Water heater!

Our little tin can has a master bath at the end of the house past our bedroom. There’s a big closet on each corner. In the corner of mine is the little space where the water heater sits. Sure enough, the floor in the closet was sopping. I came blasting out of the bedroom and told my wife and oldest who were up watching a movie that I needed help. Water heater sprung a leak.

Over eight years ago we had the same problem. The water in our local system so acidic it eats metal pipes and… WATER HEATERS! Grandma Thigpen, who used to live up on the highway, had to replace her water heater every few years. This one lasted eight.

My wife and daughter went to grabbing boxes and clothes out of the closet so we could dry the wet stuff and I could get to the cabinet. I pulled the cover off, shut the water off, cut the tank out of the line and capped the pipe and got the water back on. As I was doing that my wife and daughter was taking stuff out of cardboard boxes that had been on the floor and were soaked. No water damage to important stuff.

Total weirdness, the lights in my shop would not come on. I had to clunk around in the dark to get my tools, pipe glue, etc. One leg of the power was on, the clock radio was on, but the stupid lights would not come on. I figured it was the other leg of the 220 off. Worry about that later. We got the water off and stuff from the floor up and went to bed.

Of course, having gone to sleep and gotten up again I couldn’t go back to sleep. I got back up and was up till two thirty. Wonderful. While I was up I looked up water heaters to see how badly the cost of the thing will screw up our finances. Back to bed.

I woke up at six, then eight. We went to work pulling carpet and padding, unhooking plumbing, wires, getting all the junk out so I can put a new tank in. The one fortunate thing is that I chose this particular tin can because it has plywood floors rather than that God-awful particle board. At least we still have a floor! Now, though, it’s bare plywood and soppy mess.

I took a tester to figure out why the shop lights would not work. Breaker to our storage room from where the shop gets its power was hot. Breaker in the storage room to the shop was good, too. Or at least it didn’t look tripped. I flipped it off/on just in case. Then I went in the shop, flipped the lights on / off / on and they came on. Weird.

Electrical problems like that worry me. Something loose. Has to be. Don’t know what it would be, I’m an electrician who is paranoid about good connections. Maybe it was Murphy working overtime. The jerk.

Problems like this are a pain in the rear any time but this is the worst. Our long-needed vacation is planed for just over a week away. All the itzy bitzy bit of our spare dough was going to go for that. AND the bathtub fixture in the kids room is already awaiting replacement since one of the kids tightened the hot water shut off too tight and cracked it. And get this, my wife had a $500 gift certificate from a plumbing place. I have used it to get new tools, water hose, and stuff around the house because at the time WE DIDN”T NEED ANYTHING the plumbing place sells. NOW we need it. Geeze!

Murphy ought to be hung.

Anybody want to come help do some plumbing? Donations accepted too!


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