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Good Friday.  Or, Bad Friday?  It’s the 13th.

I’m talking to myself, you know, this poor lil’ blog is all by itself.  Oh well.

Not happy with the school kids today.  They did well until they were given a few, simple spelling words to learn.  They hate spelling words.  SO, they don’t try.  Now, I’m not being too tough.  I know what they are capable of.  I’ve seen them learn very large words in a short period of time and ace a spelling test when they were motivated.  When they’re not motivated they’ll misspell cat.

I’m not a very good motivator.  But that’s nothing new.  I’ve never known how to motivate people.  I have all kinds of brilliant ideas, innovative thoughts, great plans, but in fifty years I’ve never been able to get anybody to DO them, even when the benefit is obvious and not doing them will cause obvious harm.

The human species is as alien to me as those bug-eyed buggers in sci-fi movies.  I just don’t understand people!  Never have.  Maybe never will.

My kids are not stupid.  They’re smarter than I am, better able to grasp a concept quickly than I was.  They have an incredible memory.  I have a lousy memory.  I’ve lost many of the joys and wonders of their growing up already.  I have a Teflon brain, nothing sticks.  Maybe that is the problem.  I forget things I say and then contradict myself.  Maybe I just don’t “get it” because it won’t stick.  Dunno.  All I know is that while I love them so much it makes me want to cry just to think about it I do not understand them at all.

My life has been an un-funny version of Mork from Ork.  This sucks.  Not being able to understand or relate is the reason I spend my days alone.  I’ve gotten much better at understanding my own nature.  I still cannot understand anyone else’s.  I can even predict what one or the other kid will do in a situation, how they will react, even how they’ll probably think.  Same with my wife, I understand her personality.  But the things she and the kids will do, though I can very often predict it, still make no sense.  I know what but not WHY?!

So, the weekend is upon us.  Kids are doing math work now.  They have to study the spelling words MORE before the day is over.  I even made them an audio file so they can listen to me saying and spelling the words.  Maybe I should make a video, too?  I’m not sure how I’ll do that.

Haven’t checked on the garden today.  Seeds I planted in planters have not come up.  I used potting soil rather than the dirt under my feet.  I’m beginning to believe our soil is more fertile than that junk from the store.  My garden jumped out of the dirt like it’s trying to escape the planet.  Never had much luck with potting soil.  Go figure.  I’ll update when I go look.  Maybe.

Mom is waiting to hear from doc’s.  Kidney test said her right kidney is the only one working so loosing the bad one won’t matter.  Heart doc said her ticker seems fine.  So, looks like the surgery is on as soon as the baldie gets back in town from a little jaunt.  Must be nice to jaunt when one wants.  I wouldn’t jaunt, though, if it is on the backs of other people.  Docs have no conscience.  Of course not, they swear to the hypocritical oath.

I’m off to check the garden.


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