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Waskally Wabbit!

Where’s Elmer Fudd when ya need him?

Went out this afternoon to check on the garden and do a little work.  Needed to dig some drainage lines to get rid of a few puddles.  I’ll be damned if a third of the corn wasn’t eaten down to the ground!  All since last evening.  Not happy!

I called the wife and told her we had to build a fence.  We’re very short on dough so I drug out the chainsaw and tools, cut down some small trees in a place we need to clear, made fence posts, and put them up at the corners of the garden.  My shoulder gave me hell the whole time.  Took two codeine.  Still it hurt.  But we got’er done.

Around five my brother gave the kids and I a ride to Home Depot where I bought some chicken wire.  Over sixty bucks to go ’round the 172′ perimeter.  Back to the house I put the fence  up, staked it, got the whole darn thing up just as it was getting dark.  MAYBE I have cut that rabbit off from its evening meal.  Or more than one rabbit, probably.

If not, I have a shotgun on layaway.  I’ll get it out and sit vigil.

Anybody want Rabbit stew?


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Legalism, church history, evil, revivals, speaking out


I am a sometimes ornery member of the SacredCowTippers group on Yahoo.  I often write witty, profound, exciting and exemplary posts as I expound on certain religious subjects.  I say that humbly, of course. HA!

From today forward I shall preserve some of these posts for the teensy few who are lucky enough to find their way here.  This is the first installment.

Posted 06-11-08:

— In, Brehmites@… wrote:
> Someone sent me this article — I found it timely and interesting, and so I
> responded in places — hope it edifies!  (The article authors are in black
> font, I am purple; or, if you get it in one color, the article is indented, I’m
> to the left margin.)

Hi Dena!

This is a lot of cows to kick around.  As usual, from out in the hinterland where I dwell I see things differently.  I’ll make general comments and then a couple of points… if I may?    I have deleted much of your post to shorten up the file.

First, the question of “legalism” and all that junk–and it is junk– never comes up except in JUDEO-Christian circles where certain things are a given: Continue reading

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Middle Day …obligations!

Still here!

Yesterday I had a bad case of the “don’ts.”  Ever get those?  Like, “screw it, I just DON’T!”  Don’t want to… whatever.  Goof off.  I’d better get busy today or I might catch it again! Continue reading

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