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Mom Update

Back from the dr’s ofc today.  Only my sister who I can’t say what I think about was not there.  The doc said my mom has cancer in her left kidney, the kind that attacks bladders.  It is aggressive.  He suggested immediate surgery to remove the kidney if her other kidney will take the load and if her heart is good enough.  She’s 86.  He didn’t exactly discourage the surgery but didn’t promote it very strongly, either.  It’s the only option.  No spreading so it’s likely taking the kidney will get the problem.  Otherwise she’ll have a couple years, give or take.

My feelings?  I dunno.  If it was me I’d not do the surgery.  It’ll be a long, drawn out, difficult time and the chances of a full recovery are very slim.

Tomorrow she goes for a kidney test and to the cardio dr to see if she can handle the surgery.  In all likelihood she’ll be scheduled for surgery in two weeks.

My wife and I will celebrate our anniversary two weeks from today.  We had a vacation with the kids planned.

We’ll see.


June 10, 2008 - Posted by | Blather

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