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American Workforce demise

“Many employers do surprisingly little to help workers juggle work and family. Some retailers post their worker’s weekly schedules only a few days in advance, making it hard to plan child care. Many businesses require employees to work overtime at a moment’s notice, leaving many workers in a bind when their baby sitter is scheduled to leave. Nearly half of American workers are not entitled to paid sick days … many workers risk getting fired when they stay home to care for the sick children.”

Nicholas von Hoffman (see below)

Over five  years ago I was working for a large corporation that had no respect for its employees.  I wasn’t there long before I figured out how inept was the leadership and how callous they were.  I saw a woman crying at her desk because her boss demanded she stay at work or loose her job even though her child was sick and needed her.

Not too many days later my wife and I took in four foster kids.  My wife took off day after day in order to get them settled.  It was my turn.  I asked off to take them for their required physicals.  My supervisor called me into the conference room.  He asked if I was going to make a habit of taking off.  I said on occasion I might need some time off.  He said, in that case, they didn’t need me.  I was fired on the spot.  Since I was still in the three-month probationary period there was nothing but a “don’t let the door hit you in the butt.”  It was the last full-time job I’ve held.

I just read a review of a book by a guy named Nicholas von Hoffman that tears the lid off of the American labor situation, telling the horrors and evils Corporate America is waging against workers in America.  It’s the American Horror Story.  The book gives specifics.

Subjects covered are the outsourcing of jobs to India, China and other low-wage countries, the bullying of workers, the loss of real wages, the rape of the country by Walmart, and much more.  Read the article.  I’m going to have to read the book.  Maybe.  It might be too hard to handle.

Find the article here:

What can we do about this?  Beats me.  Maybe nothing.  At the very least you who are working America, or recently cast aside American, should be aware that you are not alone.

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