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Saturday Morning

Weekends afford me the opportunity to do a little contemplation as I wait for my beloved wife to rise from her slumber.  She’s a night person, I’m a morning person.  Already I wrote that post just below about our “sin nature” for a yahoo group.

No idea exactly what we’ll do today.  I had hoped to be able to do something with my brother but I suppose he’s too busy sitting at Mom’s to visit us.  Fishing trip is postponed.

As I sat here this morning reflecting on life and such I remembered the events of Thursday evening which I should have brought up already.  I’m very proud of my wife. Continue reading

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Sin Nature

Saturday Morning reflections…

A discussion on the SacredCowTippers Yahoo group led to my posting the following about our “sin nature.”  I thought I’d stick it here for the fun of it.

The post:

Good Morning.

Last evening Julie G. asked for my thoughts on original sin.  I was too zonked to answer.  I’m not sure I’m all here this morning but I’ll give it a shot.

I’m no theologian.  I didn’t sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night, either. lol  Ahh, but that hasn’t stopped the old Trailerpark Scholar (me) from talking like one, eh?  So, what is “original sin?” Continue reading

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