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It’s been a day.

From just after One or so until a few minutes ago I did the following:

  • Walked down our road and relocated the Posted sign so people can see it better. (We’ve had some snoopers we’re trying to discourage.)
  • Cleaned the plug and filter in our new mower. It runs well, now.
  • Repaired a broken towel rack.
  • Put the handle back on the garden rake.
  • Tightened up the pruners.
  • Potted some potatoes and spinach seeds. Shots in the dark but we’ll see!
  • Cleared high grass along a drain ditch with the weedwacker.
  • Mowed the front yard.
  • Cleaned my boy up off the ground where he fell and whacked his face and nose. Thought the nose was broke for a while. Gave him an ibuprofen and an ice-bag. That was little over an hour ago. Now he says he feels fine and wants to go back outside. I think not.

Productive, huh? Not bad for an old guy with a sword stuck through his shoulder.

Now it’s rest time. God Bless!

June 6, 2008 - Posted by | Blather

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