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Friday – over the edge

So it’s Friday.

The kids’ school is over for the day. They did pretty well. I’m proud of my oldest who is learning SAT words and aced her test today.

My brother is in from Hooks, staying with my Mom. They’re spending their time over there sharing with each other about their pains. Wanted to go fishing with my bro’ but he bowed out. Very disappointing.

…Over the Edge…

You ever see one of those cartoons where the character is being chased or is chasing and runs right out past the edge of a cliff, looks back, then down, then goes “oops!” and zooms down, whoosh! That is my life.

I am really reminded of how far out past the edge I live when I get around my brother. He’s so fundamentalist! I love him and he’s not given to bashing me with a Bible because I’m so “weird” but the thing is, he’s obsessed about religion to the exclusion of everything while I work to incorporate my faith without being at all obsessed.

It’s sad. Several of my brother’s many injuries are the result of doing stuff he should not be doing because he is disabled. Where was he doing those things? At his little church. Is this really what God expects of us? If it is I’m screwed.

I just can’t believe that’s what God wants us to do. In fact, I think people who are always seeking “God’s will” and working working working are not doing God’s will at all. I’ve known almost nobody who has done “God’s will” in a way that makes much sense. Does God want people to disassociate from the world and create palaces for themselves to “worship” in while neighbors do without? Does God want us to go pounding everybody with books and Bibles and rules and restrictions which make it almost impossible for them to accept the Truth that God loves them? I mean, God doesn’t really love them very much if he’ll toss them in the frying pan if they don’t jump through a bunch of hoops. And what of those who don’t even know the hoops?

There’s all kinds of thoughts in my head today but I’m a little sad and frustrated so I’m just not going to fool with them any more right now. I think I’ll go outside and work on my lawnmower.


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