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Back Home …and the politics of ignorance.

My wife’s dental apt went well. She’s crashing in her recliner now.  As usual, the doc prescribed expensive meds, Celebrex $250, which  her insurance won’t pay.  Last time he gave samples.  this time, only enough for the day.  How can he get kick-backs for writing a prescription of he gives out freebies?

Don’t bother to deny it, I won’t believe you.

Anyway, it went better than last time.  I was in the waiting room last time to bring her home when I heard some awful screaming.  I was about to rip a dentist a new something when they told me she was laughing from the weird drugs.  I didn’t quite believe them but she was laughing when I went into the room with her.  I’m a nice guy but don’t mess with my fam’ly!

Kids are about to finish lunch and then their school work.  We have other work to do this afternoon.

Now, on tow Post Two…

June 5, 2008 - Posted by | Blather

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