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Do simple people Blog?

Remember the Truman show? Lord how I’d like to be Truman BEFORE he discovered the sham of his existence.

My friend Julie blogged recently about coming in contact with “simple people.” Find her blog here:

I don’t mean “simple people” in a derogatory or hateful way, only as a way to explain how their lives differ from my own. Maybe I should say “common people.” But that doesn’t exactly work since *I* am a “common person.” I am a Prol, a member of the “little people,” part of the “Great Unwashed.” But my brain works different than those whom I have called “simple” people.

My friend talked of how the lives of simple people are pretty uni-directional. Many never travel. Those who do are easy to spot with cameras taking pictures and “wow’ing” at whatever, never seeing anything beyond their county line as real. Most don’t read Shakespeare. Many in this neck of the woods love those icky things like WWF and mud-hawgin. The culture is different, simpler, easier to manage. “Simple people” are found everywhere. They live in row houses in mid-city communities in those sixties-style brick single story bungalo’s with manicured lawns and a fence in back. Saturday BBQ, maybe a card game with friends, a new TV and mid-sized car in the drive. Some faithfully attend a church, some don’t. They watch time pass, are ultimately puzzled at all that “political stuff” in the news, can’t understand teenagers (though they probably raised a couple) and follow the crowd when it’s not too expensive. Simple. Now do you understand?

You understand ONLY if you’re NOT one of them. If you understand you are as I, standing outside the box looking in. The audience knew Truman’s life was faked. Truman didn’t. Who was better off?

The premise of the show was a great one. We who “know” envy those who don’t know because their life seems easier. It IS easier. Even if it is harder, more stressful, more laborious, it is easier because all the parts fit together. Made for a great drama. But, like Truman AFTER he figured out he was a star in his own life story, we can’t go back. As much as I might WANT to slip into that bliss of ignorance I can’t. Shute!

Also like Truman after his epiphany, life is not only NOT simple, it is not ever what we want it to be or think it should be. And there’s nothing on God’s Green Earth we can do about it. And we live in constant frustration that we feel so helpless. And we struggle with fear, doubt, skepticism, not to mention all the other things humans have to deal with such as lust and greed. We even see the end result of lust, greed and other vices but cannot understand why we still DO them. Like the guy dragging an oxygen tank around with a pack of cig’s in his pocket. Go figure!

Simple people do not Blog because they don’t need to. We who pound the keys or run off at the mouth to a neighbor or family member who is kind enough to listen but don’t have a clue what we’re talking about are what we are because we are not simple. We DO need to talk so that we can hear what we’re saying to see if it makes sense. It too often doesn’t.

What we rarely realize is that we’re preaching to other preachers. Those who we WANT to hear our rantings are NOT listening. We thunder and stomp, grumble and cry, hoping “they” will hear and “wake up” and understand. We see their supposed ignorance, their hard life, their troubles, and think we can fix it, or at least they can if they will ONLY LISTEN! We think we’re trying to help them. We’re not. We’re being exceptionally cruel.

They, the “common folk,” can’t understand as long as they live inside the box. No matter how much we might think they’re oppressed or suffering the fact is that their world works for them. The box isn’t such a bad place to be. When it stops working they might look out a window but until then we should leave them alone. We should love them, respect them, live with them, care for them when we can, feed them when they’re hungry, but never, ever expect them to follow our path. Why would we wish our uncertainty, our confusion, our disillusionment on them?

Let us let them be. Do not fear becoming one of them. We never will. Do not try to rescue them from their box, they do not need to be rescued, only loved and respected and protected from the wolves. As somewhat enlightened humans and believers of goodness and righteousness this is our highest calling and duty. Our goal should be to find the right way to make their lives happy, fulfilling, focussed on Truth without turning them into the wacky, rambling, confused lot we have become.

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  1. Thank you. Exactly.
    I wish sometimes I could just turn the streaming consciousness that is my brain – OFF. Or at least to idle.

    Comment by jewlsntexas | June 4, 2008

  2. You and me both!

    Comment by texasbohemian | June 4, 2008

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