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The Morning of the First Day

I have never been good at diaries or journals, call them what you will. The idea always sounds nice but, as I often say, I lack discipline. Nevertheless, I am attempting this new fete with hope that I can be consistant enough to make the posts interesting and help me keep track with a quickly changing world and with myself!

The situation “on the ground” as of this writing is thus: I am living in Lufkin, TX, on my wife’s mom’s land, in a mobile home I am buying. My wife of 30 years (June 23!) and I have three children (girl 7, boy 8, girl 15), all magnificent and wonderful and everything a Dad could ever want. My wife works for a staffing service and loves her work. I teach the kids and write sometimes and do things around the house. I have a rather bad nerve problem–undiagnosed–which puts some limits on what I can do. I’m learning to adjust and pop a couple pain pills when I must.

Mornings are spent doing the education thing. I changed the way we do homeschool last week. They’re doing more work on their own. I have more time to write and think. For the time being I’m trying to keep the load light since it is Summer but school shall continue for us.

We planted a garden a couple of weeks ago and it is coming up very well. Having bought new equipment and supplies with Uncle Sam’s little gift we’re determined to get outside and “do stuff.” My goal is to expand the garden plot exponentially, clear land that needs clearing, dig a pond for fish and water storage.

I’m concerned about my mom who is in her eighties and was told last week she “might” have cancer in her kidney. The doctor was very closed-mouth about what he found with the scope but made a point in insisting all my siblings (one brother, two sisters) be present this June 11. Updates as I get them.

The Lufkin Daily News carries letters I write. It is good to have an outlet to express my viewpoint and be able to respond to others who write in, often with some very knuckle-head ideas. Had one printed today. I have been published online and have a couple of books that you need to read! Writing is my passion. Marketing is not a skill I posess so my writing gets very little circulation. I need an agent.

My goals in life are simple. They are to live according to the teachings of Jesus and Gautama, grow old caring for my family and loving my wife, and seek Truth. There are many other things I’d like to DO but they’re optional. As the days and weeks pass you’ll come to learn more about things I like and want to do.

I have always hated the term “Blog” and entered the arena clawing and scratching. I’m just old-fashioned or something. Any-who, here I am. What you find here might encourage, enrage, inspire, anger, or bore you to tears. It’s not likely you’ll “figure me out” by reading this blog but it is possible you’ll get a glimpse of how a Jesus Person Unitarian Philosophical Theravada Buddhist Texas Bohemian thinks. Maybe. We’ll see.


June 2, 2008 - Posted by | Blather

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